Industry Leading Protection against Advanced Threats and Data Theft

Advanced Threats involve sophisticated, multi-stage attacks with built-in techniques to evade detection while they’re stealing your sensitive data. TRITON AP-WEB stops more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution – including Blue Coat, Cisco, and McAfee (Intel Security)!

Insider Threats – such as employee theft and malware that slips into your network– are just as dangerous as external ones. TRITON AP-WEB is built on a unified platform that enables all of our products to work together and provides industry-leading reporting, sandboxing and DLP capabilities. TRITON AP-WEB is the proven leader in preventing data loss, whether deployed in the Cloudhybrid or on-premise.

Adopt Industry-Leading Protection Against Advanced Threats and Data Theft

Take advantage of world-class protection against online threats with a cloud-first solution that streamlines your enterprise security.

In today’s cloud-first world, you want your organization to reap the benefits of flexibility and rapid collaboration that come with the latest technologies. But you have to do it securely to protect your reputation and enable your long-term mission.

TRITON AP-WEB gives you the Web security you need. It provides comprehensive real-time, inline protection against advanced threats that use sophisticated techniques to evade detection while they’re stealing your sensitive data, as well as insider threats such as employee theft and malware that slips into your network. TRITON AP-WEB stops more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution, and it’s a proven leader in SaaS Web content security.

For even greater coverage, combine TRITON AP-WEB with TRITON AP-EMAIL and Threat Protection Cloud for comprehensive all-cloud defense against Web threats.

Seamless Integration for Greater Protectin in the Cloud

TRITON AP-WEB is powered by TRITON ACE and ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud, which work together in real time to accurately identify and classify network traffic, apply policies and detect threats. Unified management and reporting functions streamline work for your security team, giving them the context and insights they need to minimize the dwell time of attacks and prevent exfiltration of your data. The common TRITON APX architecture also makes it simple to deploy TRITON AP-WEB separately or in any combination with TRITON AP-EMAIL, TRITON AP-DATA and TRITON AP-ENDPOINT.


  • Stop Advanced Threats TRITON AP-WEB identifies zero-day malware and other malicious activity to stop the latest advanced persistent threats.
  • Prevent Data Theft A fully-integrated, enterprise-class DLP engine simplifies data security for both internal and external threats as it streamlines compliance.
  • Monitor Web Traffic Use behavioral sandboxing for advanced threat identification with real-time code analysis.
  • Serve Mobile Users Allow seamless access to Web resources on mobile devices when they are used outside your corporate network.


  • Enterprise-grade DLP protection
  • Highly accurate, real-time identification and classification of threats using TRITON ACE
  • Real-time threat intelligence from the ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud, which gives visibility into current global cyber threat activity
  • Unified management, reporting and dashboards across all TRITON APX products