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Robert Protection For Users - Wherever They Go

Advanced threats involve sophisticated, multi-stage attacks with built-in techniques that evade detection while stealing your sensitive data. Insider threats—such as employee theft and internally accessed malware—are just as damaging as external threats.

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud provides industry-leading reporting, sandboxing and DLP capabilities, and stops more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution – including Blue Coat, Cisco, and Zscaler. Forcepoint Web Security Cloud is built on a unified platform that enables Forcepoint products to work together, and protects data everywhere– in the Cloud, on the road, in the office – simplifying compliance and enabling better decision-making and more efficient security.

Adopt Industry-Leading Protection Against Advanced Threats and Data Theft

Advances in cloud technology have given organizations increased flexibility and rapid collaboration capabilities. In order to reap these benefits, your organization must streamline security with an intelligent, cloud-first solution that protects in real-time and that will enable your long term mission and protect your reputation.

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud provides in-line protection against advanced threats that use sophisticated detection evasion techniques to steal sensitive data, as well as insider threats such as employee theft and malware. Forcepoint Web Security Cloud is a proven leader in SaaS web content security, stopping more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution.

East to Use Dashboards

  • See threat levels, productivity and bandwidth in an instant
  • Drill-down for quick analysis


  • Over 80 predefined reports
  • Create infinite custom reports by drag and drop of 70 attributes
  • Optional extended reporting history for up to 18 months to support Regulatory & Compliance requirements

Integrated Cloud Sandbox

  • Real-time code analysis for Advanced Threat identification.
  • Safe execution of suspicious code away from your network resources

Integrated Threat Intelligence

  • Provides input from over 155 countries into Forcepoint Cloud Web Security 
  • Average update rate of 3.2 pieces of threat intelligence every second