EonNAS Family

SMBs require multi-faceted storage and data services, often relying on inefficient DAS, SAN, and NAS configurations that result in low utilization and complex supervision. EonNAS products solve this, upgrading SMB IT infrastructure with unified storage, easy management, high availability, flexible scalability, and long-term reliability. EonNAS products support the latest file system and management methodologies at competitive prices, helping SMBs handle dynamic data demands.

Product Choices

  •  EonNAS 3000 Series:Versatile and powerful systems meet the needs of mid-range enterprises while still affordable for SMBs

  • EonNAS 1000 Series: Rack solutions enhance file sharing, data storage, and backup operations in SMB and SOHO environments

  • EonNAS Pro Series: Better file sharing, data storage, and backup for SMB and SOHO customers in convenient desktop form factors