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A10 Networks empower the customers to provide the most secure and available digital experience.



How A10 Help Enterprises and Service Providers

Digital transformation is the key driver of technology today across the globe and across all industry verticals. Long-standing challenges and new trends are helping to shape the path digital transformation takes for enterprises and service providers alike.

The expanding challenges of realigning security and IT operations to encompass a complex multi-cloud world, IoT proliferation, the evolution of networks to cloud-native and preparing for 5G are all impacting the ability and speed at which businesses are transforming.

CIOs, CTOs and CISOs today are concerned about three key themes: how will they help drive growth and revenue; how will they ensure the best customer (and employee) experience and how will they drive further operational efficiencies.

Cohesity Date Protect



Cohesity Date Protect


A10 Networks helps the customers by:​

  • Providing always available application delivery and security – on-premises and in the cloud
  • Supporting seamless migration to the cloud and cloud-native with hybrid solutions
  • Protecting networks from cyber security attacks that threaten network availability
  • Simplifying IT operations with connected intelligence, automation, machine learning and DevOps/SecOps tools
  • Securing multi-generational networks throughout the transition to 5G and cloud-native architectures
  • Investment protection for enterprises and service providers throughout their business transformations

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Advanced Load Balancing

  • Complete full-proxy L4-7 load balancer with flexible aFleX® scripting and customizable server health checks
  • High performance SSL Offload with up-to-date SSL/TLS ciphers enabling optimized and secure application service
  • GSLB extends load balancing on a global basis to enable worldwide business application continuity with faster, localized server responses
  • All-inclusive ADC features
Flexible Deployment Options
  • Application Delivery Partitions (ADP) allows 1,000-plus partitions offering the highest-density, multi-tenant solutions
  • Thunder ADC is a family of hardware and software, including virtual and Bare Metal, solutions ready to match a wide variety of deployment needs
  • A10 FlexPool, consumption-based licensing, enables license portability across multiple clouds and environments
Integrated Security
  • Enhance application security with integrated ICSA certified WAF and DDoS Protection
  • Application access management (AAM) for Single Sign-on (SSO) or extra authentication security
  • DNS server protection with DNS application firewall
  • A10 Threat Intelligent Service (optional subscription) available for instantly blocking malicious traffic
Analytics and Management
  • Integrate with the Harmony™ Controller for L4-7 visibility into user experiences, traffic profiles and server health to troubleshoot and proactively ensure service
  • Fully programmable with REST-based aXAPI® enabling integration with SDN and NFV environment
Performance Acceleration
  • Effectively offload CPU intensive SSL transactions from servers with SSL Offload with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) ciphers including Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Content caching, compression and TCP optimization combine to expedite content transfer for enhanced application performance


A10 NewLogos Blue NoReg RGB